Restoration TIME! (Pt.3- The final chapter.. for now.)

2012 - Today

5Jan12 - It is finally happening!!! A local mechanic (lives within shouting distance to my house) is going to install my  new engine, tranny, and headers for me!  I don't have many words to say about it.. kinda nervous! I won't be able to help on this one.  I'm sure he will be fine, but my biggest concern is if everything will fit since everything he is installing is new to this car.  We will see. Here are some photos of it leaving its crib at home.  :S

7Jan12 - Well, after two sleepless nights, I got a phone call to come take a look!  Absolutely amazing how one man installed the engine, transmission, and headers without scratching or denting the paint!!!  I was very impressed! Once home, I took some decent pictures of it in!  Now all I have to do connect some harnesses, measure for a driveshaft and install, and drop in a radiator (thinking about a new aluminum one), and I'll be able to hear it run! Getting closer!!!


9Jan12 - I took a little time to mock up some of the hoses. I also installed the power steering pump, and sat the A/C compressor in place so I could figure out the route of the hoses.  While I was at it, I took a couple of pictures of the completed interior now that I got my sill plates installed.

13Jan12 - I have been progressing on the installing the compressor, alternator, and some more lines.  My new radiator should be here in a few days, so I'm trying to get all the rest of the stuff done before hand.

28Jan12 - The radiator they sent didn't fit, so they are making me a new one with the correct dimensions.  While I'm waiting, I decided to look into the ignition and other keyed 12-volt sources to determine the best place to tie the electric choke in.  While probing around with the meter, I noticed a whole volt different 11.4-volts when the ignition was turned on.  This only occurred when the coil was wired in.  So, I decided I must be losing voltage somewhere from inside to outside the car.  From there, I decided the best way to improve this condition was the put a relay on the ignition.  The first picture shows my 6-gauge ground wire I made. I ended up converting over the glass fuse holder to a spade fuse holder since I was still getting some voltage drop.  Now everything is up to 12volts!


31Jan12- New radiator showed up today!  It is a perfect fit!  It even allows for the original shroud to bolt in place.  Only issue is that the original shroud leaves a little gap at the top since the top tank doesn't overhang like the original radiator. I think I can make some sort of "seal" that will fill the gap (but not hurt the shroud).  I'll work with that later.  First I need to visit the auto parts store to  find some correct fittings so I hook up the transmission cooler lines.  Here are a few photos showing the Wizard Cooling radiator compared to the original. 

1Feb12- Didn't get home from church tonight until late.  I did take the opportunity to install my brass transmission line fittings, drop the radiator and condenser in place and bolt it down! I also got the transmission cooler lines connected where they should be!  Now I can start filling the transmission! (Getting closer!!!)  Here are some shots of the radiator in place. (Oh, the driveshaft is on order.  It should be here sometime middle of next week!)

7Feb12- Had a surprise on my front porch today!  The drive shaft I ordered last Thursday was on my porch.  Installed very easily!   Now the engine is tied to the wheels!!! Getting closer!

8Mar12- Received my new new shroud that goes with my radiator. I wasn't happy with the look of the original shroud on the car.  I'm glad I went with the new one, cause it looks great!  I also purchased a round stainless overflow can off Ebay.  I think they go together really well. In the last picture in this grouping, you can see my chrome fuel regulator also. I have been running the car on and off.  I have a cold idle miss that I need to look into... since I'm getting low in the tank, it may be bad gas, winter mix, or both.  The plugs seem quite fouled too, so I may step up on a heat range since the ones I bought are better for racing.

22Mar12- I found out that my brake line that runs from the proportioning valve to the rear brakes was clogged or rusted shut.  I ordered a replacement line, cut it at the correct location, and installed.  Here are a few shots.

23Mar12- I decided it may be smart to clean out the old gas, make sure everything inside the tank was clean, and make it look a little better.  So, since I was already under the car replacing brake lines,  I pulled the tanks, straps, and sending unit and cleaned everything up.  Even after 20 or so years, the tank still looked like brand new inside.


28Mar12- The hood is on!  I had my mother-in-law, my wife, and my 14 year old daughter help me get the hood back on.

7Apr12- SHE RUNS!!!! SHE MOVES UNDER HER OWN POWER!!! Here are a couple of pictures I took after I backed her out of the garage for the first time as it was running.  Brakes are good, engine runs, YES!!!! Looks like a complete car again!


9Apr12- I have scheduled to take my car to Raleigh to have the exhaust put on. Since I will be trailering it a couple of hours away, I need to make sure I'm prepared for any type of weather. I figured now is the best time to install the trunk seal in case it rains.

10Apr12- Well, the Barracuda did well behind the wife's Aspen and on a U-haul car transport 2.5 hours away to Raleigh. I had it ready to go at 9am and it was done by 6pm.   It has an X-pipe, Stainless Dynomax Ultraflows, 2.5 inch mandrel bent tubing, and 2.5 inch stainless steel tips. Got home a little late so a few of the images are a little dark.  With the TTI headers it really sound good!  Tough sounding engine!!!

27Apr12-  Installed an insulator under the carb to try to help with heat soak.  Here are a couple of shots.

5May12- Got my new hood pad in the mail.  Good quality piece, but overpriced.  I guess I paid it, so as long as they are selling...Here is my pad with new and used clips in place. 


17Jun12- Now that summer is upon us, work on the 'Cuda has slowed down a little and I'm trying to find time to get it out and drive it some.  I have been mocking up the A/C lines so I can get those crimped.  I found out that a couple of the fittings were wrong and have gotten replacement ones on order.  Here are a couple of images of how the lines are going to look.

20Jan23- It has been a while since I completed my restoration. Even then, they are never finished. Here are a few photos of the car in its current state