Jacqueline's 1966 Mustang Coupe

October 2010

My dad and I restored several '65-'66 Mustangs while I was growing up..  Today, I have two daughters, one 13 and one 10. They have helped my considerably  restoring my 1968 Barracuda.  I have been hoping that some day I would be able to restore something for them.   While playing around on Craigslist I came across what I thought must have been a scam.... a 1966 Mustang Coupe. Price $2500.


I immediately thought of my 13 year old... She had already helped me considerably with my '68 Barracuda (my first car), so I asked if she was interested, and of course she was. 

I dropped an email to the ad.  A few days went by with no response... then a week... then, I get an email that I could come see the car.  I rushed that evening to find a rough 1966 Mustang with a 1988 302 roller motor, no carpet, a horrible old black paint job and a real bad windshield leak. What I didn't find was a rusty floorboard or frame. From what I was told, it was a west coast car, brought here by a Marine that was stationed at Camp Lejeune that was getting ready to deploy again. It had several common modifications, the original 289 was long gone as well as the factory A/C, and the driver door wouldn't latch and was held closed with a bungee strap.  I honestly believe the project was more than he had expected and he wanted to get rid of it before he left again for deployment.  Overall, the car was rough, but perfect for what we had in mind- a daddy/daughter project. 

After a quick drive around the block, I was convinced the car was mechanically in good enough shape for the task.  We brought her home....


There were several little things I have discovered and corrected, or just temporarily adjusted until we can dig into the restoration. First, there was the door latch. It had been damaged and just needed replacing.  A visit to Ebay and a new latch arrived and was installed in a couple of hours.  Next,  the turn signals had a real problem.  Whenever you had the headlights and the left signal on and the same time, the lights would go out.  After a new headlight switch and some poking around, I found the front turn signal bulb installed halfway (you know, that press in and turn type bulb?).  Well, it was shorting out the socket and kicking out the headlamp switch internal breaker until things cooled down, and then everything came back. Cleaned out the socket and installed a new bulb.  FIXED.  Ok!   But I knew other things probably wouldn't be that easy or cheap.

So, what does the future hold for the mustang? For me, safety- seat belts, decent tires and wheels, A/C, custom stereo.   Jacqueline wants the car back to its original white, but wants to add turquoise Shelby stripes and turquoise and white pony interior.  As luck would have it, I found one online similar to what she described.  These pictures from that site gives us a visual goal.